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Financial and organizational support for the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission

The WMDC was initiated by the Swedish Government, which also provided the main funding for the Secretariat and the work of the Commission.

Contributions from other sources, including governments and private foundations, are greatly welcomed. Such contributions could encompass, for example, financing research and expert studies, or hosting of meetings, seminars and other events related to the work of the Commission. Indeed, the WMDC is very grateful that a number of governments and organizations have generously contributed or agreed to contribute funding for the WMDC. The WMDC warmly welcomes support from other contributors as this will allow the work of the Commission to be as effective as possible, to commission more in depth studies and papers, arrange more events, and thus to achieve a greater impact.

In accordance with the Commission mandate, neither the financial support from the Swedish Government nor any other contributions that may be received will in any way be allowed to influence the work of the Commission, which is fully independent. The Secretariat reports only to the Commission and is independent of all governments or funding organizations in its substantive work.

The following Governments and Organizations have contributed or agreed to contribute to the WMDC (in alphabetical order):

Arms Control Association, Washington, D.C.

Austrian Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Canadian Ministry of External Relations and Foreign Trade

Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs

Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Germany

New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs

The Simons Foundation, Vancouver, Canada

Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Government of Switzerland

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