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Press release
03 July 2003
Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Hans Blix to be chairman of international commission on weapons of mass destruction

Unofficial translation

The Government will take the initiative for establishing an independent international commission on weapons of mass destruction, in which Hans Blix will be Chairman. This was announced by Minister for Foreign Affairs Anna Lindh after the cabinet meeting on Thursday.

"We must do everything we can to avert the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction," Anna Lindh stated. "It is very gratifying that Hans Blix is willing to accept the chairmanship. The experience and knowledge he possesses is unique."

"The purpose of the commission is to provide new impetus to the international efforts involved in disarmament and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and missiles. The commission will be formed during the autumn of 2003 under the leadership of Hans Blix and plans call for their recommendations to be submitted in 2005."

On Thursday, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs opens a new section dealing with disarmament on the Ministry for Foreign Affairs' website (in Swedish). The address is www.ud.se. Information dealing with disarmament, non-proliferation, export controls of weapons of mass destruction, missiles and conventional weapons is available there. Weapon types are described, as are international agreements and the Government's policies in these matters. Current information, speeches and articles will also be published.

"This is one more way to express the Government's commitment in this area. I hope we succeed in spreading knowledge of and arousing further interest in issues concerning disarmament," says Anna Lindh.

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